“Well first I have to explain our background. We are a firefighter/paramedic Family. I know I don’t have to tell you that you really need to be in good physical condition to be a firefighter.  So needless to say, we used to work out a lot.  But we felt like It wasn’t enough. A fitness team was formed In the Fire Department and shortly there after we began a yearly Work Performance Evaluation. We took classes to become Personal Trainers.

Then – We saw the Crossfit Games on ESPN and thought “WOW those people are amazing” We want to be that physically fit. Again, relating it to our job/career.  Functional movement, strength: all closely related to saving someone’s life, our brother/sister firefighter or even our own life.

Now Because we were part of the fitness team at the fire dept., we were invited to a local Crossfit gym to try it for a week for free. A small group of firefighters tried it. It was most definitely extremely challenging and an eye opener. We knew then We had to get better at this (Physically improve ourselves) because we felt this would help us better perform our job.

We were hooked. We went on-line and tried to learn everything we could about Crossfit.

Then We found a Crossfit Level I course in Hampton Roads. We signed up and Successfully passed and got certified

After a number of years, we were given the opportunity to become partners with a Crossfit Gym owner Victor Cruz here at JCC Crossfit.

At that time, we thought “this is a great opportunity to help Vic Introduce crossfit to the residents and visitors of James City County and its surrounding areas. We can help people live a healthier more physically fit life. Throughout this time, we noticed all the negative thoughts some people had about Crossfit. So, we thought well we have got to do something to change this. So, our goal was to teach proper form and show people that there was no reason to feel intimidated. We can work with you at your pace and your level of fitness to help you become stronger and help you do things you never thought you could do.

Because Victor Cruz is a member of our Military, He received orders and is now stationed in another state. Robert and I are now sole owners of JCC Crossfit which is now a part of ACE Fitness. ACE Fitness is our legacy for our Grandchildren which is how the name came about. Alana, Camden, Elias. 

We have dedicated ourselves to help our members improve on their form and fitness and do those things they thought they couldn’t do. Building a wonderful relationship; becoming a family; Our CrossFit family; not just gym members

You walk through our doors and everyone yells your name.

It’s an awesome feeling – Everyone knows everyone who walks in.

“We have never met a stranger” That’s my Crossfit world That’s JCC Crossfit.”

-Robert Washington and Toni Colon